Renewing My Subscription


Alex Grey // Wonder

It seems like a decade ago, or maybe just a few minutes, that I first started this blog. An idea born and a domain name settled within a few moments on a slightly drunken New Year’s Eve in 2011. Until then, my writing had been the purview of academia or the local newspaper, with occasional forays into guest blogging on more personal subjects. It took some time – through a rather stilted and stuttering first month or so – to warm up to the idea of writing from the heart, and letting others read it.

Give me a stack of novels and a few hours and I’ll give you a well-written essay connecting all of that stack of books, through one school of critical theory or another. Give me an ongoing event and a deadline, and you’ll get an article – usually over the world limit, but I’ve never been easy on editors. Give me a moment to jot something down and you’ll get my opinion on anything from politics to Spanish Moss. But give me a blank space and ask me to fill it with personal writing for public consumption? Cue me freezing.

Given that I’ve yet to write the next award-winning nonfiction account of [insert subject here], and given that it’s a new year with new opportunities! I’ve decided to once again face the discomfort and challenge that this blog provided me. And yes, the positivity. After all, spending time each day actively thinking about what I’m grateful for is positive in and of itself. Expounding on that in a piece of writing? Even better.

I wont promise daily entries – although I will try – but I’ll be here, plugging away and probably feeling very uncomfortable about it for quite a while. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


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